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Vittjärvshus: Commercial & private building

We are a local house builder since 1975. In Vittjärv, outside Boden, we produce our houses in our own factory. We offer both commercial spaces for businesses and residential homes for families. Wood is our most important material - and we are proud to build wooden houses from high-quality pine from Norrbothnia forests.


The year was 1975 - The place was Vittjärv

Lars-Åke Eriksson founded the one-man company Vittjärvshus in the small Norrbothnian village of Vittjärv just outside Boden.

Even then, the business was based on putting the customer's freedom of choice ahead of static standard solutions. Today, we primarily focus on new production. Our small, but important, service department is devoted to conversions and minor renovations in the local area.

The 7th Room

A majestic presence in the treetops of Treehotel, aptly named The 7th Room. The mirrored bottom of the house creates a captivating effect, seamlessly blending with the natural surroundings. Ascending through a series of stairs and steps, you approach the room perched a remarkable 10 meters in the treetops. 

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Arctic Bath

This is Arctic Bath, a unique hotel attraction on the Lule River, located downstream from the Bodträskfors bridges, transforming between frozen and floating depending on the season.


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