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The company

Lars-Åke Eriksson founded Vittjärvshus in 1975 as a sole proprietorship in the construction industry. The production began with the acquisition of an old military depot, which was relocated to Vittjärv and transformed into a workshop and production hall with an adjacent office building.

Between 2004 and 2006, the company significantly increased its turnover from 44 to 89 million, necessitating the construction of an additional production hall in 2006. However, having two facilities with double warehouses proved excessively costly. Consequently, in 2007, all production was consolidated into a shared facility in the AF1 area.

During the period 2007–2008, Vittjärvshus had around 50 employees and a turnover of approximately 90 million SEK. The 2008 financial crisis led to a reduced volume, prompting the relocation of production back to the company's property in Vittjärv. Since the return, market fluctuations have occurred, and today, Vittjärvshus is back to pre-crisis levels with adaptations for the current production situation. The company builds an average of one house per week throughout the year, with thousands of Vittjärvshus standing in Norway, Finland, Japan, and Germany, besides all over Sweden, primarily in Norrbotten.


Vittjärvshus is a stable, solid company adapted to market demands in contemporary construction. The next generation has taken over, continuing to run the company in the same spirit. Known for flexibility and complete customer choice, Vittjärvshus maintains a good reputation for quality, now with increased focus on customer satisfaction. Turnover has risen from 18 million during the recession to nearly 90 million today, with plans to further increase by 15 to 20 million in the coming years. Strong and competitive locally, the company has expanded with three new departments: Foundation Assembly, Building Service, and Painting Services.


Vittjärvshus has four co-owners, each with extensive knowledge and long experience in the industry, complementing each other's skills. Rickard Eriksson, the current CEO, has a background in carpentry and industrial economics, while Robert Eriksson, responsible for calculations, is a trained carpenter and quality manager. Terese Eriksson-Lång, handling the financial aspect, transitioned to economics after holding leading roles in other industries. Lars-Åke Eriksson, the founder, remains on the board despite being retired.


With flexible production and responsiveness, Vittjärvshus offers various constructions tailored to individual needs and budgets. The focus on customer satisfaction aims to meet or exceed expectations consistently.


Vittjärvshus aims to be a stable company with the most satisfied customers in Sweden, producing around 70 houses per year, generating approximately 100 million SEK in turnover, with a constant order backlog extending at least three months into the future.


Operating in its own facilities, Vittjärvshus aims to manufacture high-quality timber frames for houses, commercial spaces, industrial buildings, leisure homes, and garages. Besides the core business, the company offers turnkey buildings, renovation jobs, painting services, and foundation work.


Safety, trust, and quality are paramount. Vittjärvshus customers should have confidence in the company, trusting that commitments are always fulfilled at 100% quality. Customer pride in choosing Vittjärvshus is a key goal.