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The year was 1975 - The place was Vittjärv

Lars-Åke Eriksson founded the one-man company Vittjärvshus in the small village of Vittjärv just outside Boden in Norrbotten.

Even then, the business was based on putting the customer's freedom of choice ahead of static standard solutions.


It saves on the environment – and on your expenses

We proudly use locally produced wood. This provides, in addition to high quality and an attractive appearance, also reduced transport. Of course, we have waste sorting in the factory and we only use recyclable materials. In addition, our factory and headquarters have geothermal heating, something that both saves energy and provides stable and even heat in our production.

At Vittjärvshus, we constantly strive to work as environmentally friendly as possible.

Thanks to our origins in Norrbothnia, we are also skilled at building well-insulated houses with low energy consumption. And who doesn't want to save on our environment and have housing costs as low as possible?

Since September 1, 2015, we have been using environmentally friendly hydropower-produced electricity from the Luleälven, certified according to ISO 14025. For us, it is an obvious choice and another step towards our vision to be the house manufacturer at the forefront of sustainability.

Our walls guarantee a good environment

Our wall contributes both to reduced energy consumption in our houses, and ensures a good indoor environment for our customers. The wall together with our other construction parts are put together in a way that provides long-term sustainability and protects the environment.



Our People is our Greatest Strength

At Vittjärvshus, our most significant asset is our staff.

We aim to maintain the highest quality, as the market expects nothing less. That's why we've consistently employed our own carpenters. Our personnel form the backbone of Vittjärvshus, contributing to a stable company where individuals can thrive and feel secure. We believe in fostering well-being and a sense of purpose in what we do—a belief that we are making a difference.

Each member of the Vittjärvshus team plays a crucial role in our production. We construct people's homes, spaces for vibrant lives where individuals should feel secure. With effective leadership and a forward-thinking approach, we provide a workplace where our employees can envision long-term stability, stay and grow, and, as a result, collectively shape the future of Vittjärvshus.

Key Points:

  1. High Quality with Own Craftsmen:
    We prioritize maintaining the highest quality by consistently working with our own skilled carpenters.
  2. People as the Backbone:
    Our personnel are the backbone of Vittjärvshus, contributing to the stability and growth of the company.
  3. Well-being and Significance:
    We aim to create an environment where our team members feel good and find meaning in the work they do.
  4. Building Homes and Providing Security:
    Everyone at Vittjärvshus is vital in constructing homes, creating spaces where people can experience the security and vibrancy of life.
  5. Effective Leadership for Long-Term Stability:
    Through strong leadership and a forward-thinking approach, we provide an environment where employees can envision long-term stability and growth.
  6. Collective Development:
    By staying, growing, and developing together, we collectively shape the future of Vittjärvshus.