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The 7th room

A Natural Reflection

A majestic presence in the treetops of Treehotel, aptly named The 7th Room. The mirrored bottom of the house creates a captivating effect, seamlessly blending with the natural surroundings. Ascending through a series of stairs and steps, you approach the room perched a remarkable 10 meters in the treetops. Step by step, closer to the clouds, and soon you arrive.

The facade's burnt blackness and nature in a beautiful symbiosis, combined with the panoramic view, create an exceptionally unique overnight experience

Type of house: 0-floors
Living space: 75 m2
Construction area: 100 m2
Architect: Snöhetta

Frame assembly, what is included?

Frame and material delivery requires good knowledge of designs, requirements and standards. You yourself must appoint a person who is responsible for controlling the work taken over.

Vittjärvshus supplies the frame, completes the house's exterior and supplies material kits with complete drawings for the interior work. You then take over the contract and build and hire contractors for the interior work. Vittjärvshus also provides documentation for the procurement of subcontracts.

Turnkey projects, what's included?

You do not need any knowledge of execution. Vittjärvhus is responsible for all parts of the production, the procurement and the coordination of subcontracts until the house is completed.

Vittjärvhus is responsible for the entire contract, delivering drawings and construction. We are also responsible for all materials and the work required for a complete turnkey house. Vittjärvshus also handles building administration, contacts with authorities and ensures that applicable laws are followed.


Rooms: 2
Living space: 75 m2
Construction area: 100 m2
Rickard Eriksson
Rickard Eriksson


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