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Our Promise

Our business idea revolves around providing flexible production and responsiveness to offer customers various types of constructions tailored to their specific, individual needs—at the right price. By always placing the customer at the center, we strive not only to meet but preferably exceed their needs and expectations.



Seven compelling reasons to engage Vittjärvshus:

  1. Proximity: Vittjärvshus is a small company that always works closely with you, making us unique in our industry. You can feel extra secure throughout the entire construction period.
  2. Clear Quotations: We always provide clear and accurate quotations. You know what you get for your money, avoiding uncertainties about what is included or not in the delivery.
  3. Personal Support: You receive personal support and ongoing information throughout the entire construction process. This ensures your involvement and understanding of what is happening during the building process.
  4. Unique Living: You have unlimited freedom in designing your house. Your residence is entirely adapted to you and your unique lifestyle.
  5. Warm in Winter. Cool in Summer: Thanks to our Norrbottnian building tradition, we construct well-insulated houses that are warm in winter and cool in summer. This results in efficient energy management and lower overall costs.
  6. Fast Deliveries: You don't have to wait longer than necessary for your new house. Our fast and punctual deliveries have garnered many satisfied customers over the years.
  7. Excellent Quality: The timber for the frame and panel comes from our Norrland forests, ensuring high quality and an attractive appearance.

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Choosing a local house supplier provides you, as a customer, with extra assurance. In Vittjärv, just outside Boden, we produce our houses in our own factory with long-term staff. You are always welcome to visit and see our facility. Wood is our main raw material, and we take pride in building houses with high-quality pine from Norrland forests. This is good for your house and reduces environmental impact due to shorter transportation. Our subcontractors are strong companies from Norrbotten, and our collaboration has been well-established and efficient.



Vittjärvshus offers unlimited freedom in designing your living space. We build unique houses for unique people. Whether you want your house turnkey or frame-built, whether you want us to handle the entire production or prefer to do some parts yourself, Vittjärvshus delivers your residence exactly as you want it. Our starting point is always your unique situation.

What does your dream home look like? There are as many answers to that question as there are people. That's why we give you the opportunity to design your house exactly as you want it. Whether you prefer your own sketches, a catalog house, or a combination, we help you find your dream house—of course, at a price you may not have dared to dream of.

Thanks to our rational production, your individually designed Vittjärvshus doesn't have to cost more than a catalog house where the floor plan is already finished and determined. And not only that, we also deliver your residence according to your individual preferences—turnkey, frame-built and finished externally, or as a loose timber solution with pre-cut materials and drawings for self-construction. More information can be found under delivery proposals.



Honesty, clarity, and transparency permeate our entire operation. Vittjärvhus has been active in Norrbotten for over 40 years—and we've experienced a lot over the years. Our completion rate is very high, and our pricing is always honest—no peculiarities, no surprises. We never leave our customers without them being completely satisfied; we are long-term and want to continue developing together with you. Our quotations are clear, and in dialogue with our customers, we always resolve any questions that may arise."